About Us

Founded in 2008, Simple Diagnostics® strives to produce quality medical supplies at an affordable price.
Simple Diagnostics® is dedicated to helping people with diabetes manage their disease and enjoy life. Our blood glucose monitoring systems and other diabetes products are easy to use and provide reliable results at an affordable cost. Simple Diagnostics has become the leading supplier of blood glucose monitors to retailers throughout North America and to a growing international audience. Today, our product line is trusted in 72 countries around the globe by many retail pharmacies and mail service providers.

This allows us to provide high-quality, diabetes management solutions at locations convenient to you and your lifestyle. Equally as important, it enables us to deliver on our promise of providing products of value at affordable prices.

Simple Diagnostics® continues to introduce new diabetes products with the ultimate goal of helping the millions of people with diabetes enjoy a better quality of life. We understand the impact of growing healthcare costs, and what clearly differentiates us is our commitment to making monitoring more affordable. The Clever Choice family of blood glucose monitoring products are covered by most Medicaid and Medicare plans, and has a lower-than-average co-pay with many private insurances. All of this can add up to significant savings for you and help make managing your diabetes easier.

An absorbed dedication to distribute premium healthcare devices for the well-being and healthy lifestyle of consumers worldwide has made Simple Diagnostics® the leading solution provider of diagnostic products which include blood glucose monitors, test strips, talking blood glucose monitors, blood glucose plus blood pressure monitor, control solutions, lancets, lancets devices, alcohol prep pads, blood pressure monitors, talking blood pressure monitors and thermometers.

Simple Diagnostics® distributes several technologically advance blood glucose meters and blood glucose test strips for use in home and hospitals. Among its leading brands are the Clever Choice® HD, Clever Choice Voice HD® (English and Spanish talking), and Clever Choice Pro® blood glucose monitoring systems.

In addition to blood glucose monitors Simple Diagnostics® also distributes Clever Choice® Auto-Code 2-in-1 Blood glucose and Blood Pressure monitor, Clever Choice® control solutions, Clever Choice® automatic arm blood pressure monitor, Clever Choice® wrist blood pressure monitor, Clever Choice® ear thermometers, Pharmacist Choice® Lancets, Simple Diagnostics® lancet device and Pharmacist Choice® alcohol pads.

In addition to monitoring systems and diabetes management products, Simple Diagnostics® also focuses on educating people with diabetes on how they can make every day choices to help themselves – and live active, healthy lives. Browse our pages and let us know what you think about us.