Simple Diagnostics Lancing Device

Simple Diagnostics Lancing Device with 5 Depth Adjustments

Simple Diagnostics Lancet Device is the lancing device that has set the standard for quality, comfort, and adjustability. This re-usable lancing device assists in obtaining capillary blood samples for testing. The Simple Diagnostics Lancet Device is constructed of durable plastics for precision lancing.

  • Connector.

    Adjustable tip

    Allows precise customization of lancet penetration

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    High-quality construction

    Made of durable plastics.

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    Ease of Use

    Convenient pen shape

  • Connector.


    Works with industry standard lancets

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    Industry Proven

    The lancing device chosen by glucose meter manufacturers worldwide

Simple Diagnostics® Lancing Device
Item #DescriptionNDCUPCSizeCase Count
LANDLancing Device with 5 Depth Adjustments98302-0001-008983020010051100