Clever Choice 2-in-1 Glucose and Pressure

2-in-1 Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitor

Many people test their Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure every day. The Clever Choice 2-in-1 Blood Glucose Meter + Blood Pressure Monitor is the perfect product for these users. It combines both devices into one convenient package. Running off 2x AAA batteries, this portable device stores 352 readings and provides Clinically Validated results in under 20 seconds. Also supports multiple day and month reading averages and the ability to transfer your readings using a PC-Link cable.

    • Brand
    • Clever Choice
    • Color
    • Blue
    • Backlight
    • No
    • Strips
    • Clever Choice Test Strips
    • Meter UPC#
    • 898302001128
    • Strip UPC#
    • 898302001203
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  • No coding
  • Tiny 0.7 µL blood sample
  • Small and discreet meter for testing on the go.
  • Fast 7 second test time
  • Test will only start when enough blood is applied.
  • Meter beeps when the strip has enough blood.
  • Virtually pain-free testing.
  • Clinical Accuracy:  Uses Advanced Test Strip Technology
  • Large Display
  • Test strips sold separately.
  • Multiple test sites so your fingers can get a rest
  • PC-Link
  • Stores up to 352 results with date and time.
  • Provides results in 7, 14 , 21, 28 , 60 and 90-day averages.
  • Alternate Site testing
  • Use only with Clever Choice Auto-Code Blood Glucose Test Strips
PC Link Software:

CLE2IN1Clever Choice 2-IN-1 Glucose Meter plus BP monitor98302-0001-12898302001128112
CLE50Clever Choice Test Strips98302-0001-208983020012035040
CLECNClever Choice Glucose Control Solution98302-0001-038983020010361100

Compact and Portable

By combining two testing devices in one, this is the most portable solution on the market.

Large, easy to read screen

Large, Backlit 7-segment display makes results easy to read in any lighting

Irregular Hearbeat Detection

Clever Choice Blood Pressure Monitors measure your pulse and detect Irregular heartbeats as well.

Alternate Site Testing
The Clever Choice® line of products gives you the ability to obtain a blood sample for testing your sugar from different areas of your body. You may test your blood sugar from your forearm, palm (ventral or dorsal hand), or fingertips.
Dorsal Hand & Ventral Palm
Talk to your doctor to see if alternate site testing is right for you. With a little bit of education, you can give your fingertips a rest and test more frequently than you do now. Any time you want to be sure of an accurate, up-to-date blood glucose reading, test on your fingertip.