The Comfort EZ line of products strive to be the safest and most comfortable pen needles and syringes on the market.

If your physician prescribes U-100 insulin, it’s important you use Comfort EZ brand insulin syringes to ensure proper dosing.

Comfort EZ U-100 Insulin Syringe are film coated for maximum comfort and line up precisely for accurate readings. There is no “dead space” for accurate dosage and less waste. Our syringes are 100% latex free, non-pyrogenic, and non-toxic.

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    Film Coated

    Provides the best possible injection comfort

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    No “Dead Space”

    easy to fill with correct dosage, minimizing waste.

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    We hold our syringes to high safety standards.

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    Multitude of Sizes

    We have you covered for whatever size you’re prescribed

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    Latex Free

    Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, and latex free

Clever Choice Comfort EZ ® Insulin Syringes
Item #GaugeCCNeedle LengthNDCUPCSizeCase Count
I281528 G1 CC1/2 in.98302-0139-408983021394011005
I285528 G0.5 CC1/2 in.98302-0139-398983021393951005
I291529 G1 CC1/2 in.98302-0139-388983021393881005
I295529 G0.5 CC1/2 in.98302-0139-378983021393711005
I3015630 G1 CC5/16 in.98302-0139-338983021393331005
I3055630 G0.5 CC5/16 in.98302-0139-328983021393261005
I3035630 G0.3 CC5/16 in.98302-0139-318983021393191005
I3115631 G1 CC5/16 in.98302-0139-198983021391971005
I3155631 G0.5 CC5/16 in.98302-0139-198983021393021005
I3135631 G1 CC5/16 in.98302-0139-208983021392031005